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My name is Jason Kehnel, President of Concrete Floor Solutions.  25 years ago, I started this business doing simple concrete repairs.  Shortly thereafter, it evolved into advanced repairs and then finally epoxy flooring systems.   After 12 years of business, I realized things were growing beyond what one person could handle and brought in a business partner, Jeff Heicklen, who is currently Vice President and co-owner.  Since Jeff came into the business, we were able to grow and have focused only on flooring issues, commercial / industrial and high end residential.  We spent years searching for equipment that was efficient, dust free and reliable.  Once we got the right equipment, we focused on techniques and finally the most important, materials.   I am a true believer that the best way to learn is by doing it yourself.  We have done that, a lot of it, millions of  square feet over the years. 

We took the materials that worked good for us over the years and modified them to work even better.

Now we have our own material line that we had  developed for us and are now sharing it with you, the end user.

Jeff and I have personally  installed every material in our store and are very familiar with virtually any and every condition you may run into.  If you have a question, ask.  

I want to share our knowledge of flooring with anyone who is interested and hopefully find a solution that can help you with your flooring needs.

Epoxy flooring can be very complicated.  We have made the store very simple as to not confuse the novice.  These are the materials we have used for decades that helped us grow into what we are today, none of these materials can be found in big box hardware stores, these are industrial 100% solids materials, not water based or high solvent content.

Since we started in the service business, we also have a website for our installation services.  Every epoxy flooring picture on our site uses the materials in our store.  If you find a picture on our site, I can tell you what material it is, what preparation was done and where it was done.  We will have tutorial videos to help you along the way.

Good luck with your next project and if we can help with anything, please let us know.

Thank You.

Jason J. Kehnel, President




Return Policy

Buyer must pay shipping on all returns.  There will be a 25% restocking fee on all returns.  NO RETURNS AFTER 30 DAYS. 

Terms Of Sale:

All orders require payment prior to shipment. We accept all major credit, debit cards.

Non stock and Special order items are non-cancellable and non-refundable.


CFS ships via Fedex and UPS, sometimes damages during shipping may occur and are beyond our control, we recommend waiting until all materials arrive in usable condition prior to scheduling installation.  CFS not be responsible for ‘lost time’ or other labor issues caused by material shipment delays. Confirm correct color and quantity of  all materials prior to starting your project. Damages or incorrect shipments will not be our responsibility if not reported to us prior to  starting your project.  Buyer must  allow us reasonable time to correct and resolve any issues . Coatings cannot be express shipped due to hazmat regulations. Please make sure that arrangements have been made to accept packages when shipped.  CFS cannot be held responsible for freezing or other damages to our products for materials left outside upon delivery.

Color Variations

Epoxies are specialty products, every order is specifically mixed for each customer, therefore each batch may have  a slight color variation.  Always make sure to order enough product for your project.  CFS may not be able to supply you with additional ordered product from the same lot of epoxy. Minor color variations between batches  are not covered under our warranty.  


CFS packaging may vary from the online store or website photos. Our products are shipped 100% as described on our website and technical data sheets. 

Substrate / Surface Testing

Customers are responsible for doing proper moisture testing on all surfaces to determine that moisture levels do not exceed 3 lbs/1000 sq ft/24 hours.  CFS recommends a small test area be installed prior to coating your floor.  CFS epoxy liability is strictly limited to a refund or replacement of a like amount of material originally purchased. CFS will not be liable for any labor, damages, or other charges as related to any project. 

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